24 June 2009

Fuck you, random internet blog.

I was wandering around the nets and I ran into this blog. After reading the article, I tried to right-click back the previous page, and this little alert box came up to notify me that I was trying to steal copyrighted material. Since I wasn't, that pissed me off. Here's the content they didn't want me to steal so very badly. You can still copy and paste it. Doh. I will not credit the original author because they're a douchebag. You can find it with Google if you really must.


Couldn't believe my Eyes!

Walked into Sam's Club in SBY today at noon with mother,wife and kids.

There was a table in the entry where they check your club card and faster than I could get my card back in my wallet an employee was handing my two daughters actual prescription pill bottles with candy packed in them. What the ...???

Now my 3 year old thinks all prescription pill bottles are just tasty snacks...
What in the world are they thinking over there?

There will be some calls on Monday morning from SBY to Arkansas to be sure.
I'm pissed, really pissed, what kind of pharmacy marketing is this...???

Meh. Who cares.

22 June 2009


So I finally sucked it up and quit Safeway. For realz this time. They won't take me back even if I ask. That was last week and I've been vaguely looking for a new job since then, but I don't really wanna. I've got enough cash for awhile...

Mainly, I'm just languishing in the fact that I never have to put another plastic bag on another 4-liter of milk ever again. Nevernevernever. I have learned. I've done a grocery store, and I've learned that it friggin' sucks ass, so I'm not going to do that again. I'm going to get some sort of qualification and get a decent job where I can sit down and take my coffee break when I damn well feel like it. Upthapunk, etc.

Yeah, it's kinda boring now, nothing to do but internet and wander around town. But I'll take a little more boredom, for now...