10 February 2012

First Grown Up Job?

Go to school to study what you love. After a semester or so, decide to send out hundreds of resumes.

Actually send out about 8. Get a reply from one.

Go to the interview, in borrowed clothes, in a vintage Japanese muscle car, prepared to ace all their tough questions.

They ask no questions. The CTO just wants to show off his neat app, the CEO just wants to know when I can start. Not til June, bomb. Email them - maybe we can work something out? They reply, yes, maybe.


So I'm back at their office, hoping that we will, in fact, work something out. I don't yet know much about this company - they do web design and database management software, as far as I can tell, for other corporations. It looks pretty interesting, actually, and the people seem pretty nice. Standing here, though, the future is foggy and unknown. This could be the start of a 50 year career, or it could be the job that convinces me to take up selling BMWs instead.

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