13 January 2012

Java Programming, as taught by an Army drill sergeant.

This is a teacher who has a very rigorous method of teaching programming. As far as I've seen, it's very effective. He's unusual in that he explicitly tells us not to read textbooks about the subject, not to comment our code, and not to ask stupid questions. It would be easy to find him intimidating. Just now, for instance, I mentioned that I was following along with the code that he was writing on the overhead projector, on my own machine. I got a bunch of error message. He says he's not really interested in talking about my error messages at the moment.

A bit harsh, but on the other hand, many teachers allow students to derail them with inane questions, which slows the class down considerably. This class is very fast paced, and you have no choice but to keep up. It's very tough but you learn very fast.

Two things:

A man who is this sure of himself had better be right all the time. So far, he is.
Second, his style gives him an easy out if a student is having trouble. He can simply say, if you did what I told you, you would have no problems. Go away and don't bother me.

He gets on my nerves. At the moment, I understand why he operates the way he does, and respect that it is very effective. Hopefully I can maintain my calm for the rest of semester.

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