21 July 2011

Falied Attempts, 3

Step 1: Decide to go on an adventure.

Step 2: Pick a location. Argentina. Like the sound of the word. Okay. Get your passport. Look at a map. What’s in Argentina? Buenos Aires, ah that’s nice. You could go WWOOFing. Get the WWOOF book. Contact a farm. Decide to go to Peru instead. What’s in Peru? Cuzco, Macchu Picchu. Start saving your money. 4000, 5000. How much is a plane ticket? Quite a lot. Decide to Go to Mexico instead. Hey, I could ride my bike, no big deal. Hell, I could get on my bike this minute and start riding…ok, don’t do that, do some planning.

Budget. 5000. 1000 for tickets, 1000 for gear, 3000 for food/booze/snooze. Buy a bike, panniers, some lights and tools. Hardly anything really, well under 1000. Get tickets for the Clipper to Seattle. You know, it would only cost 200 to bus it to San Francisco. Do that as well. How far is Mexico from San Fran? It’s like… a long way… screw it, I’ll just go to LA. That’s pretty far.

Step 3: Start riding.

Step 4: Next time I’m going to goddam Mexico. That wasn’t even hard.

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