19 September 2009

After A Long, Cheap, Summer

I spent a couple of months looking for summer jobs close to where I live - at restaurants, liquor stores and the like. While most of the places were hiring, none of them were hiring me. The low point was when I failed to get a job at effin' McDicks, even though I had an in with a manager. Apparently I failed the pre-interview questionnaire, a 30 question ordeal that resembled a Facebook quiz.

This shit has gone too far, I thought, and at that moment, the obvious answer came to me - go back to the old gas station. I returned to the Shell in Oak Bay, where I spent one happy month or so last summer. I left to return to the more lucrative (snicker) Safeway, but I've always missed it.

After a bit of badgering the manager, I got my old job back, with the understanding that it was only for a month or so. More on that in a moment. It's a beautiful place to work. The customers are easygoing, the staff are friendly, and I can play my Game Boy during the slow periods. Yes, it is still a shit job, but it could be a lot worse. As I said, it's only for a month...

I'm going to do Katimavik. It's a nine-month volunteer program, fully funded by the federal government, and I leave October 7th. I expect to have many adventures, which I will tell you about in time.

Meanwhile, here are some pro tips for working at gas stations:

1. I've said it before, but seriously, coffee is key. It makes you a better person, and customers like that.

2. When cleaning lint traps in the adjacent laundromat, it's not good to open them by kicking the key into its hole with a steel toed boot. This leads to broken keys. Who would have thought?

3. Don't take shifts with a meth head.

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