01 May 2009


So. Let me stress, none of the following is stuff that I have ever actually done, nor would ever, EVER do, because I am a good, responsible employee who is respectful and hardworking and not psychotic at all.

Anyway, the following is a list of things you can apparently do at Safeway and still not be fired yet.

  • Call your supervisor a dick, over the phone, when customers can hear

  • Ask another supervisor "What the hell is your problem?" when she speaks too sharply to you.

  • Snap at other employees occasionally, things along the lines of "Fucking answer when I ask a question!"

  • Flatly say "no" when a customer asks for a second plastic bag, even when another customer who overhears complains to management.

  • Rack up one verbal warning, 2 written ones, one get-sent-home and one 1 day suspension. In less than 6 months.

Obviously someone (not me) who would do things like this needs to learn to control their language, as well as their temper.

It's possible that a hypothetical employee might do things like that, though. If driven to the point of pure rage by careless and incompetent management; if forced to remain in a position that they are uniquely unsuited to even after attempts to switch departments; if they routinely interact with customers who seem to get progressively dumber with age...someone might begin to lose their self control a bit, sometimes.

This is not good. Such a person needs to find a new job, very, very soon.

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